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"I am a first grade teacher at Hancock Elem. I took the SWELL training last spring but never got to it in my classroom by the end of the year. It has worked out even better as a follow-up to our first science unit, Air and Weather. Also, I was easily able to connect it to the pollution run-off after the recent rains. What I would really like you to know the end of each day that we did these lessons, the students said " No, we don't want to go home!!! Can we do more water saving?!" Thank you so much for these lessons. The lessons use minimal materials with minimal prep with BIG RESULTS!"

Maureen Carroll
Hancock Elementary

Project SWELL teaches students in participating districts about the importance of San Diego County’s waterways and human-water interaction through a well-balanced, comprehensive, hands-on water quality and pollution prevention curriculum. This unique San Diego-based education program educates students about pollution prevention and how their participation can help to improve the health of our ocean and waterways. Read more about the history of SWELL

If you are a teacher of K-6th grades in the San Diego Unified School District, or a 5th and 6th-grade teacher in the City of Oceanside, you can access Project SWELL kits through your school district. In SDUSD, SWELL kits have been delivered to each school site; if you can not locate them please contact Project SWELL staff to locate the kits.

Professional development and classroom presentations are available to educators in participating districts, and the curriculum materials are available online. Please evaluate your experience and progress with the SWELL curriculum.

For teachers in the San Diego Unified School District of other grades, we are currently evaluating the needs and interest in launching future grade levels for Project SWELL for 7th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade.  If you are interested in seeing Project SWELL in secondary classrooms please contact us.  We would love to discuss it with you personally to get your feedback. Please contact us.

If you are an administrator or teacher from a school district where Project SWELL is not yet implemented, please review the “How do I get SWELL?” page and then contact us to discuss opportunities to get Project SWELL to your students.

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