1st Grade

SWELL 1st Grade Life and Earth Science: Water Everywhere begins with an activity to get students thinking about water outside—this connects to their experience using the Air & Weather kit, and also provides a lead-in to subsequent activities on how plants, animals, and people use and depend on water. Embedded in these activities are ideas about the actions students can take to reduce water pollution in San Diego. These activities are ideally suited to be conducted just following students’ completion of the Physical Science FOSS/CA—Air and Weather kit, and Lesson 1 may serve as a substitute for Investigation 3, Part 2 in Life Science FOSS/CA—Plants and Animals. However, the SWELL activities can be completed at any time during the school year.

If you are currently using the 1st grade SWELL lessons in your classroom, please evaluate your experience and Contact with any questions http://projectswell.org/index.php/contactons or feedback.

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