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SWELL Kindergarten Life Science: Clean Water for San Diego begins with an ENGAGE activity to get students interested in the plants and animals found in San Diego’s aquatic ecosystems. The exploration of local plants and animals provides a foundation on which students will build as they explore the effects of changes to the aquatic environment in subsequent lessons. Embedded in these activities are lessons about the actions students can take to reduce water pollution in San Diego.

1st Grade

SWELL 1st Grade Life and Earth Science: Water Everywhere begins with an activity to get students thinking about water outside—this connects to their experience using the Air and Weather kit, and also provides a lead-in to subsequent activities on how plants, animals, and people use and depend on water. Embedded in these activities are ideas about the actions students can take to reduce water pollution in San Diego.

2nd Grade

The FOSS Pebbles, Sand, and Silt Investigation 2- Water and Earth Materials in San Diego begins with an ENGAGE activity to get students interested in the Earth Materials in the San Diego region. This exploration of local earth materials includes lessons about the interaction of water with these basic elements. Embedded in these activities are lessons about what actions students can take to reduce water pollution in San Diego.

4th Grade

The FOSS Investigating Ecosystems Investigation 4- Water and San Diego Ecosystems begins with two lessons that will familiarize students with two of San Diego’s aquatic ecosystems; the San Diego Bay and Kelp Forest. The next two lessons focus on understanding the causes and effects of different types of pollution. Lesson 5 brings the ecosystem and pollution concepts together as students study pollution problems and solutions in San Diego. In the culminating activity students create products demonstrating what they have learned in Investigation 4.

5th Grade

The FOSS- Water investigation 5 begins with two brief lessons that get students thinking about words they know about water, and about where water is found on earth. The goal of the latter activity is to have students realize that very little of earth’s water is drinkable. Students will study the sources of San Diego’s water through a map reading exercise that will help them appreciate that much of the water that they use in San Diego is imported. Students will then conduct activities that will allow them to compare and contrast sewers and storm drains, and help them understand how their actions can affect both systems. The culminating activity, Schoolyard Sleuth, has students survey their own school site to make observations about water and design a school site action plan for clean water.

6th Grade

The Project SWELL 6th grade curricula begins with lessons that help students create a definition of a watershed and understand the basic features of any watershed. Then students become familiar with San Diego’s watersheds, water resources and pollution problems. Students will create models of local watersheds and study how pollution moves through them. Finally, students will create projects that highlight some of the pollution problems and solutions for watersheds in San Diego.

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